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on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact that i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. join today and find out why over 1 million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. >>> hot topics time. we'll open up the conversation on the stories you'll be buzzing about at dinner. the head of new york city schools is a little more than disturbed by will 2009 movie called gang girl. you see, one of the characters a gang leader by the name of queen v curses, beats, rapes, murders. this is what her character does according to an article in the new york "post". but it's not what she does, but who she is played by that has officials outraged. you see this actress is a real life elementary school principal in the bronx. here is what a spokesman from new york city's public schools told cnn about what the school's lead are makes of this film role. quote, chancellor wallcot is aghast at the images and koent of the film which are totally inappr
from home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. no company can pay to be on angie's list, so you can trust what you're reading. angie's list is like having thousands of close neighbors where i can go ask for personal recommendations. that's the idea. before you have any work done, check angie's list. from roofers to plumbers to dentists and more, angie's list -- reviews you can trust. i love you, angie. sorry, honey. a brand new start. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. >>> after months of soul searching, republicans today released their plan to give this party a makeover. the rnc chairman says the party needs to address its problems of getting its message across. this new thinking started after mitt romney's loss to president obama in the november election. so what
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going to angie's list first. you'll find reviews on home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. with angie's list, i knowho to call, and i know the results will be fantastic. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. >>> popular tv host dr. oz being sued for advice he gave to viewers who struggle falling asleep. one viewer in particular, a new york city man, says he watched on april 17th when dr. oz recommended viewers put a little uncooked rice in a pair of socks, warm them up in the microwave oven, and slip them on. he did give a disclaimer -- make sure the sock is not too hot. he said to lie for 20 minutes in bed with those socks on. the man says he got third-degree burns from doing it. he filed a lawsuit. all right. so joining me now, three black men on television at the same time. >> that's a good thing. >> what's wrong with that? >> stop. >> joey jackson and ryan smith, both on the case right now. so many experts on tv can be held liable in cases like this. i was watching talk shows this morning. steve harvey has ask steve. wendy williams has ask wendy. they're all
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)